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Sufisticat’d Doodles Character Intro Pt. 1

©2012 Joshua E Seaver

My co-worker Burton who’s a collector of original comic art really encouraged me to go back to traditional media. I went by the art supply store this weekend and they had a sale on pens underway, so I picked up a replacement for the Japanese brush pen I loaned out to someone and never got back. Look close at the full size image of this and you can still see the pencil marks. This piece showcases two characters that have been in my head (and in my sketchbooks) for more than 20 years. I’m currently “auditioning” my characters past and present to see which one ( if any ) resonates enough for me to take it to a longer form.  Man, this took several hours in one sitting. I really have a respect for artists like Chris Ware and Craig Thompson who put so much love and detail into their work. I’m sore! (Could also have something to do with 2 hours of tennis today…)

Natureboy Vector Art Test

Single Comic Panel
©2012 Joshua E Seaver

Experimenting with comic styles and creating completely from shapes as a way to get my brain to think differently about composition. Here’s the same character I mentioned in my last post. This time a little more active.

Since I have been drawing characters since I was a kid, I often start with the head, and get a little stuck compositionally. This exercise helped, as I created a cutout of the shape I wanted (digitally) first, and then refined from there. Not too different than the traditional technique of sketching out loose geometric volumes as a start to a drawing.  Anyway, good fun on a Saturday.