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Six Weeks to Graduation!

I can’t believe it, but almost two years have already passed, and I will be graduating with my Masters of Entertainment Technology degree from CMU in just 6 weeks! Then the wide world calls me on to humbly apply my talents to the game development and education worlds. I recently updated my website, so in case you haven’t visited it lately, be sure to take a look at the main portion of this site at

XO Games at CMU ETC Pittsburgh Campus

In case you don’t know where Yoshi is….

I am currently a month into my final semester at Carnegie Mellon, doing a project we pitched to the faculty to create games for the XO Laptop, the little green machine from One Laptop per Child.

I created ANOTHER blog for our project, called OLPC Games, that I’d love you to visit.

Probably will be posting there a lot more than here for the next couple of months.