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Self Portrait As Modern Yogini

The artist's anima/divine feminine as a modern yogini.
The artist’s anima/divine feminine as a modern yogini.

When taking the line for a walk this evening–perhaps because I had a wonderful yoga session in the sunshine this morning and was feeling a lot of gratitude for many of my heart-opening teachers (most of them female)–this naturally came out.

So, if you ever wondered what I might look like today had I been born differently gendered, this might be close. It’s an interesting question: have you ever asked yourself what you might look like if one of those chromosomes was different all those years ago? Have you ever bothered to draw it? Why not try now?

The Teacher

Image of a Teacher.
Traditional media painting on epoxy board. Part of a series of images based on Tarot. Click for full size.

Here’s an image from decades past, part of the series I did creating my own (never published) tarot cards.

At the time I was creating this card, I was doing Tai Chi. Now decades later I am doing another eastern martial art, Aikido. Interestingly, in Aikido the goal is mind-body oneness, and the center point we focus on is about exactly where the hands are in this image.