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Natureboy Vector Art Test

Single Comic Panel
©2012 Joshua E Seaver

Experimenting with comic styles and creating completely from shapes as a way to get my brain to think differently about composition. Here’s the same character I mentioned in my last post. This time a little more active.

Since I have been drawing characters since I was a kid, I often start with the head, and get a little stuck compositionally. This exercise helped, as I created a cutout of the shape I wanted (digitally) first, and then refined from there. Not too different than the traditional technique of sketching out loose geometric volumes as a start to a drawing.  Anyway, good fun on a Saturday.



This animation cycles from the root to the crown chakras twice. Just an exercise in getting back into animation and transformative imagery. Sharing it as a reminder to myself to keep creating  positive, consciousness-raising content.

animated gif of the 7 traditional chakras

In case you’d also like to use these freely-available vector images of the traditional chakras, they can be found at the podcollective website.