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The Teacher

Image of a Teacher.
Traditional media painting on epoxy board. Part of a series of images based on Tarot. Click for full size.

Here’s an image from decades past, part of the series I did creating my own (never published) tarot cards.

At the time I was creating this card, I was doing Tai Chi. Now decades later I am doing another eastern martial art, Aikido. Interestingly, in Aikido the goal is mind-body oneness, and the center point we focus on is about exactly where the hands are in this image.

Ganesha – Remover of Obstacles

Mixed media on clayboard painting of the god Ganesha
Ganesha, The Remover of Obstacles. Acrylic, brush marker on Clayboard. 9″ x 12″

Recently completed is this painting of Ganesha, revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the spirit of intellect and wisdom.

A friend shared the observation that Ganesha’s gaze is quite intense and that Ganesha is a little more lean than usually represented. This is sort of an ascetic, tough love version, and those who know me know that being a little more “aggressive” in cutting through the bull to the heart of situations, as well as cutting back on excesses are both virtues that I personally could benefit from.

Considering all that is happening in life circumstances, it’s wonderful to have this personal representation available for contemplation. Feel free to share, with attribution of course.