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Disturbing Dream Image

pen and ink scan of a dream image, a troll under a tree with a soccer ball and picnic basket
© 2011 Joshua E Seaver

I had a dream last night that I was picnicking by a river under an old tree. I was with a family, and the boy kept kicking his soccer ball harder and harder at the back of someone I wasn’t really paying attention to until the individual said “Ow!”. The family laughed and the father said “finally he said ow!” When I looked at the man–actually there were two men in the darkness under the tree–they were horribly disfigured mixtures between Indigenous Australian and Indigenous South American peoples gone horribly wrong through alcohol abuse. Giant heads & hands, pockmarked faces, missing teeth. But I had compassion for these sad,  too-far-gone trolls, and in fact after getting over my initial repulsion at their appearance felt I had more in common with them than the squeaky clean family that I’d just been associating with moments ago.

Le Crash


This picture has been following me around for a long time. It’s my Le Car, and my first Le Crash. I am convinced to this day that if I had been wearing my seat belt, I would be in a wheelchair right now. As it was, I was broadsided by an elderly lady who was blinded by the sun in her eyes. She pushed my car over the curb, knocking down the lightpost. I was bounced into the passenger site. I remember climbing out of the passenger window and asking people “was it green?” They said yes, but I didn’t ask “for who?” We’ll never know.

Going to the Game Developers Conference 2007 in San Francisco

Wow. Long time since a post. Well, it’s been a CRAZY couple of weeks with lots of activity in class and on the project, with a trip back to Minnesota in there…. and now it’s off to San Fran and then a short spring break in Kansas to visit family.
Regarding the GDC conference, I was luck enough to be one of 25 recipients of the IGDA Scholarship to attend the conference. What this means is that I was paired with a mentor from Factor 5 who will advise me over the course of the conference on getting into the industry in the capacity and company that best fits my skills and passions. I’m really looking forward to it as I will also be having a reunion with some of my schoolmates from Adelaide, Australia who are still studying there.