R & R Before Chaos

It’s been nice having time to get used to the city and reset my clock. A lot of us are ready to get going with classes now, though.

Classes begin on Monday. I will be taking a virtual worlds class, and will be focusing on 3D modeling. We will also be doing improv acting and a video storytelling class.

Here are a few pics of some classmates. A good group! We’ve been doing a lot of walking, eating and laughing together. What more is there, eh?


I take the 13th Floor Elevators….


..to my apartment in a high-rise apartment building on King William St. right in the center of town. For now, I have taken the larger room with the north-facing window overlooking the city . Literally a block from the building is the most amazing pedestrian mall that has just about anything you can imagine (.eg. Fully stocked comic book store across the street!). This is definitely not the outback.

Yesterday I spent most of the day getting boring things like toilet paper, knives and forks, sheets, etc. (As promised, no details about the toothpaste!)


Some of my shopping I did at Target, the Minnesota-based department store! They also have Burger King here, but it’s called Hungry Jack’s. The one nearby has Keith Harring prints hanging on the wall (tame ones). They also have KFC, McD’s (of course), as well as Subway….it’s kind of sad but of course not surprising. The first Starbuck’s is moving into town soon.

I was the first student to arrive for the program. Many more arrive today and we get oriented on Friday.

On a final note, I ate at an Indian restaurant last night. I feel better now about the service, decor, portions and pricing at our local Taste of India in Minnesota. That is, the quality control seems to be standardized across the globe to have polite but slightly inept waiters that plunk your plate down, bring out a small (but tasty) portion in a little bowl, and charge the magic number of $10 per plate.

Must be an international conspiracy….

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